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Hi! I'm Patricia Page. I've been teaching 25 years as of May 2016 with 23 years in Lockhart ISD. I taught at the junior high (which is now the Freshman Campus) for 7 years, then moved to Pride HS for the last 16 years. Some of my time at Pride has been split with other campuses (MLC-FC and LDMC), but my heart and my passion are with Pride HS!
I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and English (1991), and I completed my Master's degree in Differentiated Instruction in December 2014. 
I have high expectations for myself and my students. I believe in personal responsibility and accountability for the choices we each make. I truly believe that my job here includes the district goal of "empowering all students to seize opportunities to achieve at high levels". Prepare to be pushed outside your comfort zone!
Earning a diploma is hard; finding a job without one is hard. Choose your hard!